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engage your audience.

We create and manage tailored communications programs that advance your market visibility and positioning. Whether a brand, a product, or service, we can build the identity and story around it.  We introduce it and pitch it to the media in a way that is talked about, written about, and sought after.  In addition, our programs include training so that your spokespeople and/or salespeople can work successfully to convey the messages of your business over and over again. 

A tailored media relations program, conducted on a sustained basis, builds not only the recognition of your business, but the respect as well.  Let us help you unlock the power of the media and other audiences to further your business goals.

We have a highly experienced copywriter (and former Director of Media Relations) on call at all times should your business need client, marketing, or other kinds of written collateral.  We specialize in media, public, internal and investor relations, as well as direct mail, targeted email, brochure, print advertising, and award submissions.

When your employees, the public, and the press are all telling your story, that’s Integrated Marketing & Communications by Design.


Some of our services include:

  • Development and Execution of Public Relations Programs
  • Media Relations and Editorial Placement
  • Internal & External Corporate Communications
  • Copywriting
  • Media training