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bringing it all together.

Offering a valuable product or service is only half the battle; creating market awareness can be just as daunting.  A customized strategy that builds visibility, provides clear delineation from the competition, and develops customer preference is critical to success.

The first step is research, to develop a close understanding of your unique market position.  Using this insight, goals are defined, along with an action plan for reaching them.  The result is a marketing and communications program that integrates all of the relevant tactics – from print and online advertising to key messages and brand identity.

In today’s digital environment, social media is one of the fastest ways a story is circulated and a name garners recognition.  We have the strategies that harness the power of social media and get people tweeting, liking, linking, and posting about your product or brand.

When your marketing tactics, communication goals, and social media campaigns are clearly and tightly linked, that’s Integrated Marketing & Communications by Design.


Some of our services include:

  • Competitive Intelligence and Industry Trend Analysis
  • Key Market Segment Identification Research
  • Development of Brand/Corporate Identity
  • Creation and Execution of Strategic Marketing Plans and Programs
  • Media Planning and Buying